Cleaning your teak

Cleaning your teak

We often get asked how to care for teak products...

The honest answer is, if you are leaving your products out in the weather and are happy for them to go grey.... (like most of us do over time!) then you can simply sit back, relax and wait for your product to obtain the patina silver layer ( a natural mould that builds on teak and in no way compromises its durability) 


While teak is maintain free if you plan to leave your products under a covered deck or in an outdoor entertaining room we recommend the following: 

  • Clean the furniture with warm and soapy water regularly to remove dirt, normal stains and mouldy residue.

  • Stubborn stains (e.g red wine, grease, body fluids)  will mostly disappear due to the sun’s UV and rain but may sometimes need a gentle sand with 150 grit to remove stubborn stains from the surface.
  • We recommend Sure Seal Timber Sealer available in store and online  which will provide a waterproof protective layer to your product while maintaining the natural teak colour at time of purchase. Before use always remember to   Clean the timber with soapy water and apply the teak oil or liquid sealant with a brush. To get the best result usually, two coats are needed. This will need to be re applied every 6-12 months. 
  • The occurrence of the patina (silver grey layer) can be avoided by applying teak oil which will lead into a honey coloured look. 
  • Do not move the furniture between extreme temperatures (e.g from a heated room to outside in the winter) as it may cause the timber/joints to crack.
  • Use the furniture only for the purpose for which it was designed (e.g. don’t sit on armrests, etc.. )
  • Do not expose the furniture to extreme temperatures (e.g. a hot saucepan on the table top without a placemat) It will leave marks on the furniture.
  • Cushions including sunroof must be stored or covered when not in use to ensure foam longevity. Any cotton drill cushions will fade dramatically within the first 3 months if left in the weather. 
  • Please note we also recommend all products are placed on level ground. Products placed on unlevelled ground may result in cracks in timber/joinery.


Although Teak is the most suitable wood for outside exposed furniture, teak will move with the climate. Hot and cold temperatures will mean that some movement in your furniture will occur as you can see also on this table. Some small cracks will appear and the slats on the top of the table mar shrink up to 3mm over time over time as the Teak expands and contracts with temperature changes.


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