Teak Outdoor Storage

Teak Outdoor Storage

Are you looking for extra storage space to keep your garden tools and equipment? At The Teak Place, we carry a wide variety of outdoor storage boxes and benches that may interest you. We’ve got them in various designs and sizes that offer you the ideal storage solution to help keep your garden essentials organised.

From Teak Storage Bench that offers extra seating accommodation to Ice Box and Storage Box that keep your essentials safe – you can find a solution that suits your space. Protect your valuable belongings with the right outdoor storage solution from The Teak Place.

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Storage Box

Our outdoor storage box is designed to offer the necessary storage room for your outdoor items, pool equipment, and accessories all year round. It helps free up extra space in your patio, deck, or basement while providing easy and quick access to the items you use most.

This water-resistant storage box from Teak can add style and function to any space and is versatile, meaning you can use it in various ways. Whether you need some extra space to store your garden supplies, barbecue tools, or other essentials, a storage box could be the perfect solution.

Teak Storage Bench / Box With Cushion

This outdoor Teak storage box can be a great addition to any outdoor area. This storage box is breathable and naturally weather and insect-resistant. It’s not waterproof, though, so you need to place a box undercover during the rainy season.

It is a perfect dual-purpose storage bench that offers both ample storage and seating accommodation. The storage bench is built with a storage room underneath and a seating space on the top with cushions for enhanced comfort.

Its versatility makes it perfect for storing cushions, children’s toys, and furniture covers. This unique storage bench can work in various spaces, from tiny balconies to large decks and patios.

Ice Box

Our Ice Boxes can be used as storage as well as side tables. They are made of wood and have an area to hold ice at the top of the box with a metal lining and a plug for proper drainage. The Teak Ice Box is an ideal solution for outdoor entertaining spaces.


The Teak Sandbox is primarily designed for commercial purposes. It can work well on Golf Courses and other commercial entities or be utilised as an Ice chest. Designed from top-quality materials like steel hardware, metal liner and solid Teak, our sandbox offers maximum durability in any environment. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. 

Explore the many outdoor storage solutions on our website and place your order today.

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