What is the difference between A & B grade teak?

A-Grade Teak is the most premium quality teak wood it comes from the center of the tree which is the strongest part of the tree. A-Grade teak is a rich warm honey color, it is mostly free from knots which means that the products are less likely to have large cracks as they don't have weak spots.  A-Grade furniture is known for having the most longevity it is a marine quality wood and does not rot when exposed to weather like other hard woods. We have tables and benches that are 25 years old and showing no signs of failure, you will most likely grow tired of the product and decide to replace it well before it NEEDS to be replaced.

B-Grade teak is made from the outer part of the tree, has a lighter colour, uneven grain and less shine. Products made from B Grade teak are less expensive as they are of inferior quality HOWEVER they will last 5-10+ years depending on weather exposure and use. We stock a range of afforable B-Grade products at THE TEAK OUTLET.

How will i know if i am purchasing A or B grade teak? 

All of our products are clearly labelled and state the grade of teak in the materials section on the product page.

Do the products have a warranty? 

We have a 2 year domestic use warranty on all fixed A-Grade teak furniture. If during this time your product bows or has a manufacturing fault we reserve the right to repair or replace the item. Alternatively we can compensate you for the fault. 

If the problem is not major we will repair the item, or if you are located more than 100km from our business or are interstate we may when reasonable advise you how to repair the problem. 

Why is my furniture showing fine cracks?

 As Teak is a natural timber it will expand and contract when coming into a new environment.  The settling period usually takes 3 months and can cause cosmetic imperfections such as small cracks otherwise known as checking. This is all apart of the natural ageing process and in no way a fault with your furniture. Should you be unhappy with the appearance of checking please contact us and we advise how you can easily fix this at home with Exterior grade PVA glue and grade 180 sandpaper.

How do i stop my furniture going grey? 

If you would like your furniture to remain warm honey brown we Recommend treating with GOLDEN CARE TEAK PROTECTOR. If your products are stored on a covered deck, balcony, patio or other under cover area we suggest applying GOLDEN CARE TEAK SHIELD to protect the furniture from stains. 




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