Deluxe Teak Dining Tables

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Deluxe Teak tables are made from Select Grade Teak. Select grade is valued for its strength, the timber has a sleek, clean, uniform appearance. This table is perfect for those who want the most premium quality product & those who intend to maintain the natural honey color of the wood.

Like all of our A-Grade tables this product is built to last. 

Available in the following sizes:

L150 x W80 x H75 (Seats up to 6)

L150 x W100 x H75 (Seats up to 6)

L200 x W80 x H75   (Seats up to 8)     

L240 x W80 x H75  (Seats up to 12) 

L200 x W100 x H75 (Seats up to 10)

L240 x W100 x H75 (Seats up to 10)

L240 x W120 x H75 (seats up top 12)

L300 x W120 x H75 (Seats up to 16)

L200 x W150 x H75 (Seats up to 10)

Features: All modern tables have a central  50mm diameter umbrella hole (with plug)

Material: A-Grade Plantation Teak 

Warranty: 5 Year Domestic Use

Notes: Most modern tables feature 4 corner legs with the exception of the  300 x 120cm and 400 x 120cm Tables which have 6 for added support, these are located in the middle of the table.




*Please Note: Shipping costs cannot be estimated.  Contact our Sales Team directly for any purchases. Thank you.

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